Ebrima Papa Colley

A new online Gambian news website which intends to bring to the public space the voice of the poor has been launched.

Founded by Ebrima Papa Colley, a former reporter and cartoonist with the Gambia Daily Observer now based in the US, forGambia.com will serve as a news platform for all Gambians across the country.

“This is a paper that has arrived for that donkey driver, somewhere in the Serrekunda or Brikama market—that fish seller, that taxi driver, the RVTH or Bansang Hospital watchman and nurse, that sand miner, somewhere in the Western Division or Region, that little girl with a plate of “Naa Naa” atop her scalp, and that commander in chief, somewhere near The Quadrangle, basking in the glory of a presidency. It is for us! It is for Gambia,” marks Colley.

He added that is also for President Adama Barrow, the UDP, APRC, PDOIS, GDC, NRP, PPP, NCP, and those lizards and butterflies that are part of anything Gambia or Gambian and will cover various interests range from health, economy, education, local/Gambian news, Pan Africa, religion, economy and opinion.

He mentioned that orders have been placed for radio equipment for the new medium.

“My biggest worry is time, which isn’t my biggest comparative advantage. But I can safely say that there are Gambians out there who can run this paper far better than I ever could. It’s up to those Gambians to take the challenge,” Colley stated.

“Societies, historically, cater first to the rich and their whims at the expense of what seminally maters to the breath and wellbeing of the powerless and vulnerably poor. It is up to the conscientious and God-conscious to fight for justice for the weak, helpless, and poor without being uncharitable to the rich. It’s up to you, the reader or listener to think where forGambia news stand.”